TAPS / Camp Good Grief (Spring Campaign)

TAPS (Tradgedy Assistance Program for Survivors) and Camp Good Grief have programs all over the United States.  These camps help children and siblings of fallen solidiers claim the dedication of their Fallen Hero.  These children are taking on a huge loss and use the five days of the camp to learn to understand the reality of their loss through mentors who have been through the camp before.  A Project Linus blanket goes to each child as a way to help these children cope with the loss of their parents and siblings who have paid the ultimate price for protecting our freedoms.

Our chapter serves two camps with the participation of other Project Linus chapters all over the country:

  • Arlington, VA – Typically 450 children attend as new attendees and 450 mentors return to help new children through their grieving process.
  • Pendelton, CA (San Diego) – 50 children attend this camp.  No shipping is required for this as the chapter coordinator drives the blankets down to the area.

You can participate in helping Project Linus support these programs in the following ways:

1. Make a monetary donation for shipping and supplies (checks payable to: Project Linus) and mail to 27943 Seco Canyon Road #517, Santa Clarita, CA 9135.  Blankets typically cost about $6 each to ship.

2. Make a quilt for a new TAPS child who is entering the camp for the first time and bring it to one of our Drop Off Sites  by by April 25th at 3:30 pm. Please email the chapter coordinator (sgarvar@gmail.com) to let her know how many quilts you can finish as soon as you decide to participate (they need to be reported to TAPS).

  • Quilts must be NO SMALLER than 45″ x 50″ and can be up to 50″ x 60″ for a larger or older child.
  • Quilts must be patriotic in theme with red, white and blue coloring
  • Quilts must not look like an exact replica of the American Flag (a flag is often placed over a casket and will remind the child of that painful moment).

3. Make a fleece blanket for a child who is participating as a mentor for the incoming children and bring it to one of our Drop Off Sites by April 25th at 3:30 pm.  Please email the chapter coordinator (sgarvar@gmail.com) to let her know how many blankets you can finish (they need to be reported to TAPS).

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