Our First Donations and Yarn Drive!!

In April, we made our first donations to the SCV Domestic Violence Center and Family Promise.  We also proudly sent 10 blankets to the Arlington, VA TAPS camp during Memorial day week.  www.taps.org  Thank you to everyone for your help in these projects.  Currently, we are working on supplying blankets to the Camp Pendleton TAPS camp during the beginning of June.  They prefer red/white/and blue blankets or military fleece.  Please no American flag blankets.  We will be collecting these throughout the month of May and delivering them in June.

Yarn Drive – Currently, we are having a yarn drive to help provide supplies to our senior citizen community that would like to participate, but lack the means for mobility or the financial resources to purchase their own supplies.  We also have students that would like to participate, but struggle with the same obstacles.  We need new skeins, but gladly welcome partial skeins.  100% acrylic yarns only please.  Thank you.

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