Community Make a Blanket Day Saturday, February 15th

Please join us as we welcome all community members for our first ever Make a Blanket Day on Saturday, February 15th from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm.  It will also be our chapter’s 1st birthday!  We are so grateful for anyone who participates in our chapter function.  Without you, none of this would be possible. Scroll down to sign up for this event.

If you cannot participate in the Blanket Making Event directly, but you want to help, these will directly benefit our cause:

  • please bring a piece of fleece 54″ x 45″ (a yard and a half off of the bolt)  We HIGHLY recommend Joann Fabric as they are wonderful supporters of ours.  Please tell them Project Linus sent you.  We are in need of fleece at the moment.
  • Dine at any of the vendor restaurants that are offering 15% – 20% of the profits we bring in on that day back to us.  For list of vendors, click on this link: MaBposter2. New addition to vendor list: Chick-fil-a
  • Cash or check donations are always welcome.  Please make checks out to Project Linus and bring them to the check-in table that day, or send them to the address on our donations page
  • Go online to Project Linus National Headquarters and make an online donation to our chapter (BE SURE TO LIST SANTA CLARITA VALLEY / SYLMAR CHAPTER OR ELSE WE MAY NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE FUNDS). Sharon Garvar Chapter Coordinator
  • Make a purchase from our Amazon wish list and send it to us (address in wish list)
  • Send a Jo-Ann gift card to our chapter address.

To Participate in the event: Please read all directions and use the link at the end to sign up for the event so that we can prepare for the most comfortable experience for everyone.

  1. Children and Adults are all welcome.  Children under the age of 10 may struggle to participate
  2. Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult and must sign this insurance waiver in order to participate.  Please bring signed waiver with you.
  3. We ask that all participants sign this photo release form and bring it with them so we can share the success of our event.
  4. If you crochet or sew, you must bring your own supplies and machines.  If you want to make no-sew fleece, please bring a 54″ x 45″ of fleece (a yard and a half cut off of a bolt) with you.  DO NOT CUT THE FLEECE INTO SMALLER PIECES!  You need one piece for each shift you plan to serve.  We will have some additional fleece, but very little.  If you would like to donate additional fleece we would be EXTREMELY grateful.  Our funds are currently low.
  5. We will have some scissors for the event, but supplies are limited.  Those who reserve the scissors via the digital form below will be given priority.  If you would like to bring your own, please make sure they are brand new preferably in the package (new office scissors are fine).  Scissors that have cut paper or are old will tear and destroy the fleece.
  6. We will have several food vendors who will be offering us 15% – 20% of their food profits that day.  If  you would like to participate, please bring a flier.  We will have additional fliers at the check in.
  7. Please fill out this form to reserve a space for the workshop.  You may sign up for as many shifts as you feel you can work.  If you need service hours, please bring your service hour form with you.  We cannot go back and sign service hour logs after the event has closed.
  8. Please check in at the table in front of Sears lower level next to Red Robin.  We will then help you find space to work.

To sign up for this event click here.

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